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Our Caravan Solar Installations

Why Choose Solar?

Installing solar power for caravans is a simple way to ensure that your free camping holidays are never cut short.

Designed to meet the specific power demands of your caravan; by choosing to install caravan solar panels
you can escape the expense of paying for powered sites and instead enjoy free camping wherever you go.

Solar Benefits

No matter the location - shady or overcast weather - our panels enable you to camp anywhere without having to worry about running out of power or wearing down your battery. Instead you can cut down the cost of your holiday and take advantage of a free energy source - the sun!

Premium Solar Installations

We use only the finest in premium solar and power installations - most having 10 year power output warranties!

Caravan solar panels that have been expertly designed to optimise their UV absorption; efficiently convert this energy and ensure all of the electrical elements in your caravan work to the best of their ability.

Imagine for a moment the savings you can make by being able to use free camp sites and maintain your own energy source...

No more running out of power due to poor electrical installations. No more dealing with flat batteries. But the assurance of a reliable, quality system whose natural energy source will keep your caravan battery topped up all year round.

Caravan & Tow Vehicle Auto Electrical.

We Are Caravan Auto Electrical Specialists

Whether purchasing a new van or you have an existing van it is important to match the van & car systems together ensuring both van & car are working as they should.

We setup new or modify after market car wiring with a holistic approach as we understand the vans requirements and how the overall system should operate.


  • Dual Battery systems
  • Battery isolators
  • Caravan supply wiring
  • Brake controllers
  • Anderson & 12 pin plugs
  • Breakaway systems

Contacts Us For Your Free Electrical Inspection

So why not contact us today for a free caravan electrical and general inspection, and allow our team to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your caravan?

Contact Us For Your Free Inspection

For more information on how solar power for caravans can save you money, contact us today to arrange a free caravan, electrical and general inspection. Alternatively request a call back and we will discuss the best option for
your needs.

Our Commitment

Renowned for our professional service, quality workmanship and ability to deal with real problems; no matter the size or difficulty of your electrical repairs at Real Caravan Solutions we are committed to improving your caravan and motorhome lifestyle.

Our Commitment

Committed to saving you money, our caravan solar installations can open the doors to free camping choices ANYWHERE you desire. We strive to maximise your caravan lifestyle, experience and enjoyment. From our high quality staff who will treat your investment like our own, to our use of premium solar panels for caravans; you can feel confident that our solar installations will transform your holidays for the better.

About Us

Experience in low voltage systems for over 22 years. We get it right the first time & guarantee our work or your money back.

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Quality & reliability is what we provide. Let us help you enjoy your holiday.

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