Have you recently purchased a new van or had one for a while and wonder how

things really should work ?


We can help !

We can step thru your RV and towing rig with you outlining how each system works. We offer suggestions & tips along the way to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. We can provide basic circuit diagrams of how the systems interact and you can take notes along the way for reference.

Common questions our customers ask

  • How does that fridge work ?
  • Can the fridge flatten my car battery when I stop?
  • What does this switch do ?
  • How do I run my hot watery system on mains power?
  • How often should I service my van ?
  • How do I get the most gas efficiency out of my fridge?
  • Do I need more solar ?
  • How do I use that solar regulator?
  • What voltages should I look out for in my battery system?

We Love To Help!

We have many info sheets to share with you along the way which you can take and refer to later.


Let us explain how the van systems work so you can enjoy your time away.


We can take the time to explain how to utilise the Caravan or Motorhome Systems and leave no stone unturned.

About Us

Experience in low voltage systems for over 22 years. We get it right the first time & guarantee our work or your money back.

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Quality & reliability is what we provide. Let us help you enjoy your holiday.

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